Jalousie 170 x 160cm Window Blind: White

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Size: 170 x 160cm
Colour: White
Material: 100% Plastic
  • Light protection
  • Assembly without drilling possible (accessories required)
  • Easy care
  • Individual light regulation
  • Versatile use in living areas as well as in the office

PVC blinds are perfect privacy and sun protection in a classic design and they are used to fine-tune the incidence of light. This effect is accompanied by the stability and variability of the 25 mm PVC slats, which can be moved vertically with the help of the enclosed turning bar. The blinds for windows are very easy to care for, as you only need to dust them or wipe them with a damp cloth. Window blinds are particularly suitable for shading computer workstations. Of course, these slats also protect against prying eyes, as they are absolutely opaque.

Installation Note: If you want fastening without drilling, clamp supports must be ordered separately for installation. With this alternative fastening without drilling, the clamp supports are fastened to the window frame when the windows are to be opened.

Note on cleaning: To care for your blind, you can dust it off with a feather duster or wipe it carefully with a damp cloth. Avoid excessive rubbing. Do not use detergents

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